Gurukul School Narwar

Our Computer Classesour best computer training skills

Gurukul School Narwar


For increasing the typing speed we bring him on MS-Office and try to learn their process.

Gurukul School Narwar

Paint & Brush

For New Students which don't know how to use Computer....we meet with Paint & Brush

Gurukul School Narwar


For Vast konowledge of computer and technology we taught him about Internet.

We Have A Friendly & Familiar Computer For You

Computer is the study of principles and practices that underpin an understandingand modelling of computation, and of their application in the development of computersystems. At its heart lies the notion of computational thinking: a mode of thought that goeswell beyond software and hardware, and that provides a framework within which to reasonabout systems and problems. This mode of thinking is supported and complemented by asubstantial body of theoretical and practical knowledge, and by a set of powerful techniquesfor analysing, modelling and solving problems.

Computers in the classroom include any digital technology used to enhance, supplement, or replace a traditional educational curriculum. As computers have become more accessible, inexpensive, and powerful, the demand for this technology has increased, leading to more frequent use of computer resources within classes, and a decrease in the student-to-computer ratio within schools.

To update the students in the field of computers, computer labs are provided to fulfill these requirements. Well stocked computer labs for both primary and higher sections separately, trained teachers, etc. helps in facilitating the needs of the students.

Gurukul School Narwar

"Man is a slow, sloppy, and brilliant thinker; computers are fast, accurate, and stupid."

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